Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things I'm not OK with

I get that Gawker is known for irreverent snark. And perhaps it is just stupid to expect much more from the website. But generally, they know the time and place to tone down the irreverence. But this was not one of those times.

If you haven't heard, a daycare center in Delaware was suspended and three of the teachers were arrested for forcing kids to fight each other while the teachers recorded the attacks on their phones (you can read a less jerky story about it here).

Basically, Gawker made toddler fight club jokes and called the police-confiscated footage the women took of the kids, "awesome." That sort of sickens me. This? Is child abuse. Child abuse? Is not funny. Ever. Footage of child abuse? Also not funny. Certainly not awesome. Nothing about this is funny. There were children crying to be let out, and the daycare workers pushed them back into the fight. The only thing that  makes me sicker than hearing this? Is reading Gawker's reaction. Also, seeing how no one in the comments section called them out on their callousness was pretty depressing too. 

To me, this just speaks volumes about the way parts of our society totally devalue children. You wouldn't make jokes about women who were raped or victims of domestic violence. You wouldn't call footage of those things "awesome." Unless, you are a pretty fierce misogynist/asshat. So why would it be OK to say and do these sort of things when it is children who are hurt and suffering? Because we live in a society where people are allowed to say things about kids they would never be allowed to say about any other demographic. Imagine if people complained about how annoying or inappropriate it was for people to of a certain race or gender to be at the place they are trying to eat, shop, or play. But you hear that all the time about kids. And that, in my opinion, needs to stop. Because that sort of attitude is the foundation of upon which this sort of crap is built. Crap where child abuse and neglect are treated like a funny joke.

Can kids be annoying on airplanes? Yes. So can jerks on cell phones during take off, guys who hog the arm rest, drunk people who have loud conversations the whole flight. But we hardly spend any time fighting about whether or not those people should be allowed on planes. Stop seeing kids as a mildly annoying and inconvenient monolith, you jerk faces who laugh at child abuse. You know who you are, cough*Gawker*cough. Seriously, guys. Go listen to some old school Whitney Houston and think about how not cool this is. UGH. Like I don't have enough to be mad about on the internet with Todd Akin happening.


  1. "To me, this just speaks volumes about the way parts of our society totally devalue children."

    Well said and I totally agree.

    1. Thanks for saying that. Some guy on twitter was like, "Really? one distasteful article and our society devalues children? states spend more money on education than anything else." I was like, I said parts of society. But here is the other problem with that statement: saying I can't call someone out for being inappropriate and question the underlying causes of that sort of crap because we spend a lot on education? That is like saying, quit complaining about violence against women, you women have the right to vote, don't you?? Doing something for a group of people does not absolve a society of any/all related sins. Anyway, this is only a tiny piece of the problem. Jobs related to children are also undervalued. Teachers are totally underpaid/valued, especially in TX. And even medical professionals who go into pediatrics are usually the least paid. And don't even get me started on how these are traditionally female dominated careers. /end rant.