Sunday, August 19, 2012

So you had a bad week

Hannah gardening
So I decided whatever I had wasn't West Nile Virus, because both the girls got it too (and I never even bit them). And I think summer and the lack of cold and flu season has made me weak. Because having two sick kids {and the fevers, coughs, and waking up at all night that come with them} is way harder than I remembered. It nearly did me in. 

After a week of sickness and missing/being late for work and not getting a good night's sleep ever, I was totally looking forward to the weekend. Because things had to get better. Amiright? This can't last forever. PleaseGodsayno.
Maggie relaxing
And then I got stung by a bee. In the bathroom. How does that even happen?? I never saw or heard any buzzing bees anywhere. I was kneeling on the bathroom carpet helping Hannah, and I don't know if he was dead and I just jammed my ankle into his life-less stinger, or if he was just chilling out in the rug and I didn't see him and squooshed him so he stung me (and then died?). Either way, NOT NICE! (Maggie says this now and it cracks me up. Like if you steal her dirty diaper or if Hannah won't share a toy or something.)

Anyway, getting stung by a bee (when you aren't allergic) is totally no big deal. I know this. It just felt like life was kicking me when I was already pretty cranky. In hind sight, the bee had it way worse than I did. So there is that.

Also, I thought I'd share this In case anyone was laboring under the false assumption that reading parenting books somehow made me an effective parent. This is Hannah throwing ice at me (it's more like shaved ice). I just felt so ambivalent about stopping them because, eh, it was pretty much cold water: annoying, but harmless. And also, the laughing and teamwork was killing me.

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