Monday, August 27, 2012

One of my favorite things so far

This weekend I was getting the girls ready to go see my parents. Or trying to. You know how it goes. Maggie was inconsolable because Elmo wasn't on TV or something equally devastating. Hannah was asking (over. and over. and over) if we could go see Nana and Pop Pop now. I finally snapped and said, "Yes! Just as soon as you get Maggie to stop crying!" So Hannah walked over to Maggie and gently put her hands on Maggie's face. And Maggie stopped crying and looked back and Hannah. She said, "it is OK, Mannie." and then gave her a hug. It was so cute, I really thought my heart might just explode. And then Hannah hugged Maggie and both girls started giggling adorably. And I decided it was probably one of my absolute favorite moments since becoming a mom.


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