Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nice little girls

Hannah and Maggie were playing today when Hannah hit Maggie with a ball. Maggie said, "owie!" and then, "no, no, mana!" And she even gave Hannah the "no, no" finger shake (seen here). I told her: that is right, Maggie. You stand up for yourself. And don't let anybody ever make you feel like it is not OK to be assertive just because you are a girl. Nice people can still stand up for themselves, OK?! If somebody hurts you, you tell them "no!"

Meanwhile, the girls were not even listening to me and Cork was just staring at me sideways. But it is never too soon to learn that it is OK to say "no," to ask for what you want, or express your opinion. It took me nearly twenty-six (to thirty-one?) years to learn that lesson. Maggie is only one and a half (exactly, on Thursday!). That means, if I keep her on this track, she will be more than two decades ahead of me.


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