Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In celebration of quiet car trips

I have to brag about Maggie. She had her eighteen month check up yesterday, and she did not cry during the car ride to the doctor's office OR back. At all. This is a big deal for us because on a scale from one to ten, with one being total peace and quiet and ten being my ovaries just self-destructed in protest, car trips were about a nine. As was life in general. OK, not really, not at all. But sometimes life with Maggie just felt really, really loud.. But lately! The peace!! She just sat in her car seat and brushed her teeth (played with her toothbrush) and watched some Mickey Mouse on my phone. The only time she made a peep was when the volume on the phone somehow went mute and she started yelling, "MOUSE!" at the phone, begging Mickey to speak to her and let her know he is OK. The best part is, it wasn't just a fluke. It is like A Thing now and she is chilling out in so many other awesome ways. What used to be fussy and clingy is now merely opinionated (this child has strong feelings about everything, from what she is wearing to which sippy cup she is using) and affectionate (she gives some of the most amazing hugs and snuggles). And also, she is sort of a ham. Here she is tap dancing. She kind of a natural at tap, because it is just a more exciting version of one of her favorites: stomping her feet. I think I'm going to survive this toddlerhood thing, you guys!


  1. Kids in diapers are the cutest right? :D

    Btw my son loves mickey mouse too!

    1. I totally agree!! I'm going to be pretty bummed when they are totally out of the running around in diapers stage.