Monday, July 9, 2012

On Spanking

This is me beating a dead horse, but read this article!
Why Does Everyone Pretend There's A 'Spanking Debate'?



  1. Excellent. Someone posted that ridiculous newspaper clipping called "Different drug problem" on their FB wall with the oh so eloquent "yes, I WILL spank my kids." Have you seen that nonsense?

    Parenting is too hard, so just smack your kid. Got it.

    1. GROSS!! I hadn't seen it, probably because I have blocked like 90% of my friends on facebook to avoid the day-ruining feeling I get when I see that sort of thing. But I Googled it just now and UGH. Anyway, congrats on being one of like four DSISD people that are not my siblings who I haven't blocked on facebook for being so awful and posting stuff comparing people on food stamps to wild animals and stuff.