Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The evening

Generally, we start our evening off with some Mickey Mouse. Because that is the only way I can convince Maggie to let me change clothes or do anything that requires two hands. Turning on Mickey Mouse is pretty exciting and usually met with enthusiastic hug/fights.
Sometimes to properly enjoy Mickey, you need to find just the right angle.
After a couple minutes, Maggie realizes I'm not holding her and gets upset. She starts demanding a "baby," which I think might mean "booby," which I find pretty funny. Kind of because "booby" is a funny word, and kind of because I always hear people say that if a baby can ask to be breastfed, then they are too old to be breastfed. Which is totes scientific.
Then it is time for dinner. I forgot to get a picture of the floor, which I think would really capture what dinner is like in our family. And maybe an audio clip of Hannah screaming, "I don't want my basketti!" as she throws it on the floor, apropos of nothing.
Obviously bath time comes next.
We like our baths princess pink and with lots of bubbles. Hannah likes to choose her bath color (just a couple drops of food coloring). It is important to achieve the proper toy to baby ratio. You can tell when you have reached it because babies can no longer move around the tub or find the wash rag.
Once everyone is all clean, there is generally a lot of splashing and playing and wrinkly-finger getting. And finally, Hannah will get bored and want to get out. And Maggie will keep playing until the water is drained. And if I forget to drain the water (or a toy gets stuck in the drain), she will try to climb back in later. Which is why you can't let that one out of your sight.
Next, it is towel time. Hannah likes to wear hers as a cape so she can be a super herio. It is sort of my favorite word she has invented. The perfect mix of super hero and Cheerios.
Then, OMG, DADDY! We missed you so much!
 Then, OMG, iPad! We missed you so much!

Whew. Who is ready for bed? (hint: only Mommy)


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