Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Dentist

Putting Minnie Nigh-Night

Maggie had a really stressful dentist appointment today. Stressful for me, anyway. One of her intake forms asked about concerns, and I mentioned my fears that she'd knock her front teeth out and be a hilbilly toddler. He called my concern prophetic (combination of her teeth and her clumsiness/age) and then told me to wean her.

I called my pediatrician and talked to the lactation consultant. She said they deal with this all the time (dentists telling moms to wean), and this isn't evidence-based advice. Weaning won't improve your kid's teeth or prevent cavities, good dental hygiene will (frequent brushing, etc). And she said breast milk won't ruin your kids' teeth, bacteria infecting their mouth and acidic/sugary food or drinks feeding the bacteria will. Breast milk can feed the bacteria, but so can cow's milk. She said, just take good care of her teeth and lie to your dentist at the next appointment (about breastfeeding).

I kind of love that a medical professional recommended that I lie to another medical professional. That is some medical advice I can get behind. I also totally recommend early infant visits to the dentist so that they can scare you into obsessive-compulsive dental hygiene. But don't let them scare you enough to wean you baby. 


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