Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Bad Day

Maggie is going through a rough patch. I remember Hannah going through something similar around this age. It almost makes me feel relieved that maybe what Hannah went through was just a developmental thing and not a I-hate-you-for-having-another-baby thing. But Maggie has been a super unhappy camper lately. Everything we do makes her angry. Changing her diaper, changing her clothes, giving her medicine, brushing her teeth, putting her in her car seat, leaving her in her car seat while we drive somewhere, pretty much doing anything. It is hard to watch/hear.
That might be bed head and a yawn.
It might also be the early stages of her transition to Incredible Toddler Hulk.
The one thing that has been getting me through the toddler drama and stress is our new minivan (or Minnie van/Mickey van, depending on Hannah's mood). I think a colleague captured the intense and positive feelings one can have towards a minivan best when she asked a fellow minivan lover if she was describing a minivan or an orgasm. My love for this car is almost awkward. The doors. They open magically. No more trying to load a kid in the car with a dozen bags in the other arm and there isn't enough room to open the door all the way and it keeps hitting you in the back and you want to punch the car door in the throat. The minivan doors are just the beginning. There is just so much I love about this minivan. Mostly, I love my love for it. I don't just accept it as a kinda sad but practical fact of life, like wrinkles or stretchmarks. I love it. A lot. And I'm totally OK with how uncool that makes me.

Here is a picture of Maggie not sleeping.
And I bring up my minivan, my one-and-a-half week old minivan, and my love for that minivan in this post about bad days because my neighbor already hit it with his car. It just felt appropriate when Cork called to tell me what happened. Like, of course my neighbor ran into it. Why wouldn't he? Mah life is so hard. Just kidding. If a constantly crying baby and a severely-dented, beloved minivan are my biggest problems, I'm a pretty lucky girl. I know this. 


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