Monday, May 7, 2012

This Weekend in Cuteness

Saturday Maggie was feeding Junebug some of her cheerios. She was blowing on them (to cool them off, obviously) before she'd let Junebug eat them. It was a little too precious. 

Hannah kept starting stories with, "when I was little." That always makes me laugh. Although, one time she started a story off with, "when I was little, and Mommy hit me, and ...." To which I said, "whoa, wait, what?" Nooooooo. (We are a strict no-hitting family, including spanking.) 

Saturday was my half birthday (yes, we celebrate half birthdays around here. Twelve months is way too long to go without a celebration of some sort. Also, Cork's birthday is Christmas day, so that man needs a second birthday celebration). My wonderful husband let me get a pedicure while he took the girls by himself. Isn't he cute?

I bought Maggie some sparkly Toms (matching Hannah's). They are even cuter than I expected. So tiny. I would have taken a picture of her in them, but Maggie was a maniac at the mall. She wanted to do everything herself. And every time I tried to pick her up, she'd start screaming "MAMA! Mama! MAMA!" in a ways that made me look like a potential kidnapper that she was imploring her actual mother to rescue her from.

Overall, it was a pretty cute weekend. in spite of the occasional implication that I'm an abusive kidnapper.



  1. YES. I read this in an email from today: Whether your toddler is spirited or mild mannered, he's likely to experiment with some less-than-desirable behavior. Even if he screams or gets aggressive, rest assured: Your toddler's developing right on track. Discipline can be a challenge at this age, so try to build a little "me" time into your schedule each week as a way to refuel your patience tank.

    See, Target customers? I'm not a horrible mother! My child is learning discipline, that is why she is in the cart screaming at me because I won't let her play with the toy she wants RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!! (Though it is in the cart to take home. Cuz I do love my baby girl!)

  2. that is absolutely precious that she was blowing on the cheerios!!! and yay for sparkling Toms. love this post!
    xo TJ