Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spoiler Alert

It turns out, I cannot control vomit with my thoughts or words. Unless maybe those thoughts are, "Hey universe, I'm down. Please kick me." Because Maggie started throwing up last night. And you know that awkward moment where you can't tell if what you are feeling is actually nausea or just paranoia and disgust from being vomited on? So here is something that doesn't help: consuming a week worth of fiber in one evening. It was sort of an accident. Someone in the family is on a poop strike. I try not to discuss my kids' bathroom stuff (generally anything I wouldn't discuss about myself. You know, like my weight and who I bit at work and stuff). Suffice to say, I went nuts at the grocery store on all things fiber. Which an unnamed kiddo was not at all interested in. But those Fiber One brownies? Are kind of amazing. In a weird way. They remind me of some Little Debbie chocolate snacks I ate back in the day. Also, I sprinkled that powder Metamucil all over her dinner (which she didn't eat, but I did). So my stomach was like, what have you done to me? So I was kind of nervous. But so far no mommy vomit. But ohmylord am I tired. Anyway, look at those baby Toms, would ya? How stinking cute are they?


  1. OMG! Fiber One bars are the devil! I eat tons of fiber already and I bought them once because they looked really tasty and they are BUT... big mistake. Watch out for those things! I swear they have enough fiber for 10 people.

    I hope you don't bite any one at work! LOL

  2. That is a true story. Also, I ate like the whole box.