Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Maggie is an excellent mother to her baby doll. She gives her baby hugs and kisses, and wraps him in a blanket, and pats his back sweetly. Hannah never really went through a baby doll phase. We even bought her baby dolls when she was Maggie's age, thinking she'd be pretty pumped to have a real life baby (Maggie) in a few months. Hannah was not impressed.

I find it a little unsettling that Maggie is getting close to the age Hannah was when Maggie was born. So if I maintained that baby-making schedule, I'd be in my third trimester with baby number three right now. The only thing more unsettling than that thought, is the way my husband can survive some of our more epic night of meltdowns, freak outs, and general insanity, and wake up the next morning and make some comment about how nice it would be to have a baby boy. That kind of cognitive dissonance would make the average person's brain explode. Luckily, Maggie has a baby boy she can share with Daddy for now. His name is "Baby" and he is very soft and quiet and doesn't mind if you draw on him with a marker. It's pretty much a win-win.


  1. hehe! Yep, when Maddy turned 2 this month I had to laugh... When Ben turned 2, I had him AND a 4 month old. I cannot even imagine that now!!!

  2. aw, yay! i absolutely love seeing little toddlers playing with baby dolls. it's always just so precious!
    xo TJ

  3. Haha, "doesn't mind if you draw on him with a marker"...I love it. Maybe a real baby wouldn't mind either, but I'm guessing you would!
    Modern Modest Beauty

    1. It is so funny you mention that because I have recently had to hide ALL markers because Hannah keeps drawing on herself or her sister!