Friday, April 13, 2012

What is the point of all of this, really?

I sometimes step back and ask myself why I blog? First and foremost, I think I am generally just trying to record what it was like to have two kids under two (or three or four) before I repress all the loud, crazy, sleepless moments and can only remember them all as vaguely magical. So when my girls grow up and have kids of their own and ask what it was like when they were little, I won't just stare off into space and smile and say, "You know, I really can't remember." Instead I can smile and say, "You know, I really can't remember. Why don't you go do a google search of the blog?" It really is crazy how quickly you can forget the little details.  Maggie is only 17 months younger than Hannah, but doing it a second time made me realize how much I already forgot. And also, I never want to be the mom of a teenager who tells the sleep deprived, sore, overwhelmed and stressed out mom of a newborn that I would trade kids with her in a heart beat. That is just a mix of not true and not cool. Also, this blog gives me a place to sort of think out loud, while I try to figure out some of the more baffling parts of parenthood. Like how it can simultaneously be so miserable and so awesome. And like how you are supposed to know when you need to put your kids first and when you need to step back and "put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others." And most of all: how are you supposed to get kids to do what you want them to do?! I mean, I can't even get Hannah to leave headbands in her hair. Just the other day she put one on and started dancing around singing, "I am adorable! I am adorable!" I guess all my attempts to positively reinforce leaving the headband on did something: it gave her material for an original song and dance. She probably just thinks adorable means, "wearing a headband." If I can't even get my two year old to wear a headband, WHAT WILL BECOME OF HER TEENAGE YEARS. God help us. That is all.


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