Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Perfect Week

I like to daydream about what my ideal week would look like. How much time would I spend at work? How much time would I spend by myself? With my husband?  With my kids? What would my time with my kids look like? 

I think my perfect work situation would be half-time, maybe a 10 a.m.-2 p..m. schedule? I'd give the girls all the time they needed to wake up, get dressed, and get out the door. We'd have a nice, leisurely breakfast as a family. Then the girls would go to daycare, where they'd spend half their time napping.

Maybe one or two days a week (like when Mr. Joseph came to play the guitar and sing), the girls could stay later or go earlier. I could use that time to get groceries, take a yoga class, or get a manicure. Oh my.

Kate Spade is launching a polish line this month! Via Refinery29
Then, I'd arrange for a standing, weekly babysitter for date-night. Maybe every other week. Perhaps I'm getting a little too ambitious.

And the time with the girls would be filled to the brim with structure and plans. We'd have weekly mommy-and-me classes, standing play dates, daily park time, and lots of playing, playing, and more playing.

I'm not sure how realistic this plan, as a whole, is. But I feel like parts of it are entirely realistic. I could start looking for a regular babysitter? Maybe team up with another mom and dad to swap babysitting nights? I could start taking off a couple hours a week to just run errands? Maybe one day get for real, serious about working part-time? Start putting some more structure to the free time we have now? 

I like this game. I think I need to start playing it in other parts of my life. What is my ideal X, and what from that scenario can I start implementing now?

In only somewhat unrelated news: Book Club will meet on Monday, so be reading your books!!



  1. this would be an awesome sched, daydreaming is the bomb. we do babysitting swaps with friends so we're guaranteed at least a date a week. thank goodness!!

  2. War on Moms book club? I downloaded it and I'm still reading! Am I supposed to be done reading it by Monday? How do I nominate myself to join? :)

  3. You're joined! Just like that. That was just when I was going to start talking about it. But there are so many parts I want to talk about, (and I'm not even done yet) I'll probably do it over a couple weeks. but like any book club, anybody can still contribute whether the read the book or not. they just have to bring a bottle of wine. (jk)

  4. Sweet! I'll try to get more reading in this weekend so I can be prepared. :) I totally agree with 10am BTW. That is the perfect time because it gives us plenty of time to wake up, play a little, enjoy breakfast, get lunch packed up and ready to go, and get out the door. Why do we all have to start working at 8am? Who's brain is working at full speed at 8am anyway? This is why I wish moms ran the world.

  5. AMEN to that. Here is to mom's ruling the world one day.