Monday, April 30, 2012

The Zoo

Lions ,and tigers, and toddlers, oh my!
We took the girls to the Austin Zoo this weekend. Maggie is starting to get pretty good at animal sounds, so I thought she would enjoy the trip. I have to say, I'm most proud of her ability to tell us what a dinosaur says. But the zoo had no dinosaurs, so we made do.

Our last trip to the zoo was almost exactly a year ago. And seriously, how do these kids grow so fast? Especially since I'm not getting any older. You know? Except I had this really terrible realization on the train ride. The Austin Zoo opened when I was in high school. So I was like, hmm, that means the zoo was built around 1994. So that is almost 20 years ago. But that can't be right, because I'm like just barely 20 years old, am I right? No. No, I'm not right. 
Maggie can say, "rock." And she can fake eat a rock. And immediately shake her head, "no!" and spit the rock out saying, "bleck!" Just like I taught her. *sigh*
We discussed the pros and cons of tortoise ownership. They might be my back up plan if I can't make the chicken thing work.
 And in conclusion, this chair.


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