Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday

I kept the girls home from school today, and quickly realized they pretty much would have been fine at school (nothing a little ibuprofen can't solve). But it was kind of nice spending an extra day with them. It made me want to be a stay at home mom real bad. Sometimes I like to fantasize about moving out into the country, getting some chickens and a little vegetable garden, and being a SAHM. I guess they are sort of separate fantasies, really. But I feel like, if you are going to get chickens why stop there, you know?

Maggie is getting old enough to really do the park well. She can climb up on her own and wander around without wanting mommy to hold her nonstop. It is sort of exciting. Not that I don't love carrying her 24-7 and doing everything one handed for about a year longer than I thought this phase would last. And I'm sure next I will be complaining that she doesn't want to cuddle anymore and I want my baby back. But then I will just console myself with a meal I prepared using both  hands.
We were playing with the tea set in the sand.  Hannah told me to pretend to be Mommy while she pretended to be Daddy and we'd make macaroni and cheese. We like to pretend we are other family members and say things like, "Hi, I'm Daddy. I wear a baseball hat." and then Cork says, "Hi, I'm Mommy. I have long hair." So Hannah said, "Hi, I'm Daddy. I don't have scruff right now." (and she rubbed her cheeks absentmindedly.) Indeed, Hannah. Indeed.


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