Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hannah Time

I've decided to start instituting some official Hannah-Mommy time. I told her we could do whatever she wanted (secretly hoping she'd want to get her nails done because Mommy needs a pedicure BIG TIME). But she asked to go to the book store. And while her choice might not have been in the best interest of my feet, it still made me pretty happy. She even passed up my offer to get her a treat from the Starbucks (no cupcakes? no cheesecake? are you sure you are my child?!) because she was eager to get to the kid's section.
She walked right in and started telling me which books she wanted. And then promptly forgot about each book when she saw the next. And then forgot about books entirely when she saw the Thomas the Train set.
 My favorite part was when she sat down to read a Dora cooking book. She placed the book on her lap and said, "What is Dora going to cook? Let's find out." She constantly talks like she is a mommy/daddy/aunt/preschool teacher. Lately she has a thing for monsters. There are two kinds: angry monsters and nice monsters. So I always ask her why the angry monsters are so angry. It is usually because another monster did something mean. So she will promptly make the offending monster apologize to the angry monster and say something like, "we do not bite, that hurts! Do you understand me? Now say sorry." Then she will tell me, "it is OK, the monster isn't angry anymore."

Hannah picked out a book for herself and one for Maggie. It was nice getting some distraction-free Hannah time. I think we need to make this a standing weekly event.


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