Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Apology Accepted

Yesterday was a pizza delivery kind of a day. I spent part of the last two nights sleeping in the living room with my not-even-close-to-sleep-trained child because she was just really uncomfortable (I think she is having some trouble with her newly-started whole milk) and also really loud. Hannah had an itty bitty cold that makes for an extra dramatic morning. Something about a sore throat and runny nose makes her angry in the morning. Seriously angry. And ninja like. Then my car wouldn't start for the THIRD time in the past month. It is like God is telling me to trade it in for a minivan. (I hear you, God. Just talk to my husband.) So I spent three hours sitting in my useless car scavenging for discarded toddler snacks {thankfully with the kids safely dropped off at daycare}. For real. It was bad times.

Luckily, even on the worst days, it is hard to make it a full 24 hours without some cuteness. It is like a little kids way of saying, sorry your back hurts, you have bags under your eyes, you didn't have time to straighten your hair, and you had my leftover waffle for breakfast. Even little things, like the way Hannah says, "I like your new shoes, Mommy." Or the way Maggie loves giving her big sister hugs and kisses. Sometimes you just have to think about those moments reallllllly hard, and not about how your hair looks or your back feels.


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  1. So true. The days when they drive me the craziest are the days that my 3.5 yo will turn around and say "I like you mommy." Makes it all better ;-)