Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Without Dad

Cork was out of town this weekend, so it was just me and the girls (and the army of family that I have close by who are awesome. Because let's be real. I am not ready for two at once with no back ups. I am OK admitting that. I'm totally in awe of moms who can, though.) I took the girls away to Lost Pines for a night. I love that place, big time. The girls were able to play in the kid pools and water fountains, make s'mores, run around, and play in the hotel curtains (weird, right? they were obsessed with hiding and running in the layers of curtains). Lost Pines is seriously the most enjoyable, kid-friendly place I have ever been.
I could do things like, get a glass of wine and a plate of cheerios (and fruit, not pictured). And not feel like the jerk who brought their baby to a bar.

They had s'mores in the evenings. And in honor of St. Patrick's day, they also had green Peeps s'mores. I have to say, Peeps are nasty. Not even chocolate and graham crackers can make them OK. They were pretty though. Pretty and gross. Maggie and I stuck to the plain marshmallows. There is also marshmallow all over my face, you just can't see it in this picture. Not really. But I managed to get Maggie's "good" side that doesn't look like she just got in a baby cage fight. Because not pictured is her scrapes on her face from falling off a slide, and bites on her arm because some punks in her daycare class keep biting her. What is up with that? We bite food, not friends! Ask Hannah.

Speaking of baby cage fights, did I mention that Hannah has a black eye? She got it climbing on a kid-sized chair. I pretty much walk around with them and get non-stop Child Protective Services jokes (which are the best kind, am I right? sigh.) It would maybe be less annoying if I didn't feel so awful everytime they get a bump or bruise. But what are you going to do? No, seriously. What am I supposed to do? Am I doing something wrong? When does this bump-and-bruise phase end???


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