Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Maggie got tubes yesterday morning. I really didn't want to resort to surgery because of this and this. But ohmylord, these ear infections were hurting my feelings. And also, Maggie's ears. She has been on antibiotics for the past two months. I'm pretty much besties with the CVS pharmacist.  And when we got the surgery, her ears were already infected again. I have decided I made the right decision, because that is what you do when you make decisions you can't take back.

She couldn't eat anything after midnight because of the anesthesia. Which meant we were up from 1-3 AM while she looked at me like: why don't you just nurse me back to sleep, woman? She wasn't hungry. She was just annoyed and staring at me, sleepily. Then playing on the floor, not sleepily. Then she fell asleep for a whole two hours before we had to go to the hospital. I fell asleep for even fewer hours and every minute of which was spent dreaming about sleeping through her surgery and all things stressful.

I thought handing her off to the nurse would be sad. But she was so over pre-op, she was excited for the change in scenery. She didn't even look back for me. And I was too tired to be dramatic. So I didn't cry either. It was terribly exhausting and anti-climactic.

The whole thing lasted about fifteen minutes. We checked in for surgery at 6 AM and were home by 8 AM. Maggie seemed pretty happy once the anesthesia wore off. Or that is what I told myself. I was like, look at her so happy that the fluid has been drained and there are holes in her ear drums! I made a good decision. Right??

The moral of the story is, there had better be a lot less crying around my house in the coming weeks. And a lot more sleeping.

PS, some punk bit Maggie at daycare again. She still isn't biting back, is the crazy thing. This poor kid, she is bleeding out her ears and covered in scratches, bruises and bites.

PPS, I think she might be left handed. My mom and husband will be pleased.


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