Thursday, March 29, 2012

That Guy

The sleep training went way better on night two. The first time we put Maggie to bed just involved a few minutes of fussing. The second time, Cork picked her up, asked her if she wanted to lay down, and she pointed at the bed and put herself back to sleep. The third time (yeah, I said it went better, not awesome), she woke up and sort of wandered around her crib saying, "Mama?" and then plopped back down and fell asleep. I attribute 100% of the progress we have made to my husband.

I'm usually the person who over-researches and over-thinks stuff. And researching and thinking is important. It is how you avoid stuff like this (that and a basic sense of grossness. I mean seriously, Alicia? Was that just a publicity stunt?). But over-researching stuff also means that something like sleep training leaves me stressed out the whole time wondering, "uh, is this how it is supposed to go? I haven't read Ferber or Weissbluth in a while (and I never even finished No Cry Sleep Solution. That book just sounded worse than what I was already experiencing). What if we are doing it wrong and it doesn't work!? and what if we cause some sort of brain damage?! (just kidding, I think that argument is so dumb, I won't even link to it. Maggie has cried more on trips to the doctor than in this whole attempt combined, I think she'll be OK.)

Cork is usually the one who listens to what I have to say on the matter, thinks about it, does his thing, and amazes me with how natural he is at this parenting stuff. I think trusting your instinct has a really important place in parenting. Unless your instincts are stupid, which let's be real, some people's are. But luckily for us, Cork has really amazing instincts. He's an awesome dad. And he's also really cute. I sort of lucked out with that guy.


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