Monday, March 26, 2012

Shoes and Hair and Tubes, oh my

After having a non-stop ear infection (pretty much) since late January, Maggie is finally feeling better. So we celebrated with a pair of super cute Salt Water sandals. And it only felt fair to buy Hannah some cute new shoes too, because we are a family and we all suffer when Maggie suffers. So I got her some sparkly pink Toms. (As Hannah likes to say, "my pink farkly shoes. I'm so jealous." Because apparently I tell her quite frequently how jealous I am of her sparkly stuff.) So I'm thinking, it was either the new shoes or the surgery (I can't say for sure which one), but this weekend was a lot better.

Seriously though, Maggie's language pretty much stopped progressing when the ear infections set in. She was still saying the same words she had back at 11 months (Mama, Dada, dog, bye, hi, baba, ball, more, etc.) Two months might not a huge deal, but that was when Hannah's language exploded. And yes, every baby is different. And yes, second babies tend to talk later (is that even scientific, or just what everyone keeps telling me?). But I was a little worried. And so it made sense when the audiologist said she totally failed her hearing test. And as soon as the tubes went in and the fluid came out, she started talking again. Like putting-two-words-together talking ("go out," "more food," and "my ball"). And she is so much happier. She runs (and falls) and plays (and falls) and giggles (so far, no falling from giggling. Unless you count falling from being pushed by her sister while giggling. Because we need more falling? Seriously, girls.) She doesn't need to be by my side and/or in my arms all the time. I did have reservations about the surgery. Although, they weren't the kind of reservations that slowed me down much; I basically got her into the OR as soon I could. And seeing how much better she is doing, I'm glad we went ahead with the tubes. Still. I would just really like to stay away from any future surgeries for the rest of her childhood. Mmmmmkay. Yeah. That'd be great.

So we got some family pictures taken this weekend. Those things always sneak up on me. I always have big ideas for coordinating outfits in my head, but then never make it to the store or order anything in time and it always feels rushed. One thing I did do right, I'm getting better at doing Hannah's hair. I'm not a hair genius to begin with. And she has curls and cowlicks and very little patience for a comb or hair brush. Although she does love her a good "pointy tail." So here is my big, life-changing secret that all other moms have probably been doing all along and will think, oh thanks, maybe next you can tell me about how you wipe from front to back. Back off, OK? I'm trying my hardest. Anyway, you just have to do her hair when it is wet. That way, you don't mess up the curls and you don't have to fight the cowlicks and you can sort of manage the fly aways. Bam. You're welcome. Just kidding. But any toddler/little girl hair styling geniuses, I do welcome your suggestions.


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