Friday, February 10, 2012

No, Really.

via my husband's creative spelling skills

Hannah is throwing up. It is like the gates of hell opened up around here. The whole time she and Maggie were fighting off their double ear infections, all I kept telling myself was: it isn't a stomach bug, it isn't a stomach bug, it isn't a stomach bug. No matter how tired I was or how much crying there was, no one was vomiting or cleaning up vomit. And that was a source of comfort. That someone just ripped from my tired, little, overwashed hands. I know, intellectually, that there are way worse things in the world. It is just hard to see them right now through my mounds of vomit covered laundry.

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  1. ugh. We went through it here too, it is MISERABLE. I hope it's gone quickly for you guys. I swear I did 4 loads of laundry a day that week. :-(