Saturday, February 4, 2012

Loss of Consciousness

This is Maggie, playing at the Austin Children's Museum. Cute right? It was about 15 minutes before she hit her head, lost consciousness and had to go to the ER. For the FOURTH TIME since she was born (I mean, fourth time at the ER; not fourth time to experience that precise ACM scenario). And the girl isn't even a full year old yet. (Although, let's not talk about the third time, where a kind nurse just gave her a good whack on the back and she coughed up some junk and started breathing like a normal baby again. That was a $300 back slap. I'm no good at this baby breathing thing. No good.) Anyway, she didn't even fall exactly. She was crawling through a honey comb play scape and got a little stuck. She pushed really hard, lost her balance, and all the force she was pushing with just propelled her head into the ground. She did one of those silent screams that just broke my heart, by itself. But then her eyes rolled back in her head and she went limp. And I, of course, lost my mind. I just ran to the nearest mom and was like, I NEED HELP! Fast forward to the ER, where Maggie is laughing and giggling and acting like nothing ever happened. The doctor even said, "Are you sure she lost consciousness?" And I thought to myself: I think so? But I am pretty much the queen of second-guessing myself. I can't even walk into a bathroom without checking for tampon machines or a lack of urinals or something to confirm that I did, in fact, see a stick figure wearing a skirt before I walked through the doors (even though, I have never-to my knowledge-accidentally gone into a boys bathroom in my life, but one can never be too careful.. It is not easy, being inside my head, is my point). Anyway, the moral of the story is, I have spent close to a million dollars in ER bills for a practically perfectly healthy little girl. And exactly zero dollars in ER bills for her sister, who is 18 months older. I don't even understand.



  1. Good lord girl! Put a layer of bubble wrap around that poor baby!!! I have some pink bubble wrap if you'd like it! Hope you cork and the girls get some rest!

  2. Seriously, I've been contemplating putting Hannah's bicycle helment on her for a couple weeks.