Monday, February 20, 2012

Lame but Nice

There is something about bracing yourself for something, only to be pleasantly surprised by it. It is like winning the low-expectations lottery. That is sort of my favorite lottery these days. And you can imagine, with our string of plague-related activities, my expectations for Maggie's birthday were pretty low. And as far as birthdays go, it was, in fact, super lame. She hardly slept the night before, even though we were starting some brand-new, sure-to-be-amazing antibiotics. I took her to daycare {for a short day} with loads of guilt. She wasn't contagious, was fever-free, but wasn't herself. I promised her and myself that I'd make it up to her that afternoon with a trip to the park. Although, sometimes even the park is no match for an ear infection. I was nervous. Even with a fun afternoon snack, we got off to a rocky start. Hannah insisted that Daddy gave her a big piece of chocolate, not a big girl piece of chocolate. The difference is subtle but no doubt, melt-down worthy. So she threw the chocolate out of the stroller. Then she wanted the chocolate back (for like a full block or two). Because of course she did. Meanwhile, Maggie wanted desperately to be in the stroller playing with the toy steering wheel and music buttons {that Hannah was neglecting while she mourned the loss of her chocolate}. So everyone was upset. 

But then we got to the swings. And Maggie started giggling. Usually she tolerates the swings until she realizes that she isn't in my arms, and then she gets a little upset. But she was giggling! And giggled even harder when I pushed her higher! And then we went to play in the green grass. And the girls chased each other around and played games and made each other {and me} laugh. And when it was time to go home, Hannah let Maggie ride in the stroller and play with the steering wheel and in return, I agreed to carry her in the Baby Bjorn. Which she is like 6lbs and who knows how many inches too big for. But it actually wasn't that uncomfortable. Just awkward, as her head was in the way of my head and her legs were hitting my knees. But it made me laugh the whole way home just thinking about how absurd we must look. Meanwhile, Maggie was in heaven playing in the stroller.
We ordered pizza, and had cake that no one felt like eating. So as far as birthdays go, it was kind of lame. {But we are planning on doing a make-up birthday in a couple weeks. When all antibiotics are complete and ears are infection free.} But as far as afternoon trips to the park go, it was one of those trips that still makes me smile just thinking about it.


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