Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grown Ups

My mom and sisters watched the girls last night so Cork and I could go out for dinner. We got dressed up like real adults. I even changed into clothes that hadn't been spit up on. It was fancy. We ordered margaritas with chips and guacamole, like we used to in NYC when we were dating {but the guac is way better in Austin. Iron Cactus will make it right at your table. But we weren't eating it on a NYC sidewalk, so there is that. I always ask Cork if he misses NYC and he promises he doesn't, but I think I kind of do. I knew I would. Even though I sometimes hated that city, big time. It was so loud and crowded and expensive. But also exciting and walkable and full of friends, and good sushi, and cheap mani/pedis.}

On grown up evenings such as these, we like to talk about topics varying from our children, to parenting, and having know, just about anything. I explained how Maggie might seem super loud and frustratingly demanding, but that is just ambition in baby form. She knows what she wants (something breakable, dangerous, or in her sister's possession) and she wants it five minutes ago. Sure, that something is a nuisance now, but in another couple decades or so that something might be brain surgery school or rocket scientist school, where her fierce ambition would come in handy. I also asked if there was some possible way to spin Hannah's inability to hear? acknowledge? respond to? simple  commands like: Stop!! No! Please don't! and What in God's name?! But then later be able to speak to her sister as though she is channelling us at those very moments: Maggie, put that down right now! I mean it! I'm serious. Put. That. Down. Maggie! I'm talking to you!

Mostly, we just enjoyed not feeling responsible for anyone else's safety, happiness or indoor voices. We enjoyed remembering the days when we took that feeling for granted. But we also very much looked forward to getting back home to the girls that took those days away from us forever.

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