Thursday, February 9, 2012

Add To Cart

Lately, I've been getting in trouble for ordering too much stuff online. So I thought it might help my husband put things in perspective if he saw the things I want but haven't bought. Yet.

1. These Pillows. At first I wanted some burlap Mr. and Mrs. pillows I found on Etsy to go with the vintage quilt on our bed. But they seemed sort of expensive, so I wasn't ready to commit just yet. And good thing, because then I found these! Not any less expensive, but HOW CUTE?! That dog even looks like Junebug. {If Freshly Picked has a sale sometime soon, I think I'll have to buy them AND some moccasins for the girls. Have to.} 

2. A grizzly bear and wolf cub. Because are you kidding me? What is cuter than this? And I think the girls would love them too. How could this not be a great idea?

3. Also, these Valentine's. Because obviously. Honey Badger. Actually, I just want this made into an 8x10 or something I can hang on my wall. I just love it that much.

So there you go. Things I haven't bought. Yet. You're welcome, honey.


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