Wednesday, February 15, 2012

364 Days of Maggie

We took Maggie back to the doctor. She still has a double ear infection. We are trying a third round of antibiotics and then revisiting tubes. I'm not a fan of mixing small children and anesthesia. But I'm also not a fan of ear infections and antibiotics. 

In related news, I was wearing the same exact outfit when I picked Maggie up from daycare on Monday as I was when I dropped her off the next morning. Yeah, I slept in it. If you can call what I've been doing lately, sleeping. So I was pretty much OK with going back to work today. My hair was normal looking and my clothes were clean. {And then we took Maggie to the doctor, and Hannah threw her snack bar across the car and I sat on it. Clean clothes are sometimes overrated.}

In light of the recent medical events in our family, I've decided to postpone Maggie's birthday. Indefinitely. She is just going to have to stay a baby a little bit longer.


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