Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vacation to Florida

We went on vacation to Florida to visit Cork's family. Although there is really no such thing as a vacation when you have two small kids (not in the, "relax and unwind, maybe sleep in" kind of way), this actually did sort of feel like an honest-to-God vacation. There were lots of smiles and laughs and hardly any melt downs. Sleeping was actually remarkably easy too (in the past, not so much). I loved seeing Cork and the girls so happy.

Although, if I could edit the trip, all of the footage from the airplane would go straight to the cutting room floor. In my head, I feel like walking onto a plane with a small child is not very different than walking in with a leaky cardboard box of diarrhea and herpes. And I really don't get it. Small children that are not  yours, that can be solved with a pair of headphones and a glass of wine. When they are yours? God help you. Although, in reality, everyone was really nice. Multiple people said, oh she was so quiet. And then followed quickly by, and I didn't even realize there was a second one! But the layovers did us in. Especially coming back, after their bedtime. I would like to take a moment to pray that God save me from layovers for the rest of my life. Amen.

It was the first trip to a beach for both girls. I could tell they love the beach as much as I do. Hannah even asked if we could go to the beach as soon as we got home. She also asked for a van (like our rental). We need a bigger car and Cork is leaning towards an SUV, while I am in love with the magical automatic open/close doors on a minivan. Hannah is firmly on team minivan with me, further proving that she is a girl after my own heart.

It was great spending time with Cork's wonderful, fun and generous family. It made me wish that we all lived closer. I hope we can make these get-togethers a regular thing. Only with non-stop flights.



  1. Fun!!!
    I have 2 SUVs and I lust after a minivan precisely for those automatic sliding doors, lower deck for small kids to climb in... and well, it's just all around easier. Plus with only 2 kids, fold down that 3rd row and you actually have more cargo space than my full size SUV.
    Sorry Cork - I'm on team minivan too!

  2. YES! All those things! See, Cork?!? We need a minivan:)