Thursday, January 5, 2012

Toilet Paper and Einstein

I'm a firm believer in toilet paper as a toy. I think playing with toilet paper qualifies as "open-ended" play, it promotes fine and gross motor skills, and it improves cause and effect reasoning. Most of all, it lets me brush my teeth and stuff. So not only do I allow it, I encourage it. Same with throwing food over the edge of the high chair. That is science in the making, people. Plus, it ingratiates the children to the dog's good graces. Childhood is supposed to be messy. I'm over it.



  1. Our dogs also like the magic of food from the high chair :-).

    I'm not so brave with toilet paper though...

  2. My bravery only lasts until I'm done brushing my teeth (or hands, or whatever I have to do):) then I try to roll as much of it back up as I can.

  3. AHAHAHAHA. Iris LOVES toilet paper too! And it's great fun--plus an easy way for me to have her in the same room as me while I get ready--until she starts eating it. :)