Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mah Baby!

Day care officially moved my baby up to the one-year old class (even though she is only 10.6 months)! But she is walking (and only walking) and very active and ready. But STILL!

The good news is, Maggie is doing great. She is napping the full 2 hours after lunch, while still keeping her morning nap. She loves playing outside. But her old teacher is like her second mommy. She is one of the few people I can hand Maggie off to without her curling back up into my chest and protesting.

Also, it is really weird for us to be back in that classroom, because that is where Hannah started. And it is where she was when Maggie was born. And now that Maggie is there, I just don't know how we got back there so fast.

Next thing I know, my girls will be driving and applying to college and WAH!

(speaking of daycare, here is some required Mommy Wars reading ...if you’re secure in your decision, you don’t need to vilify someone else’s (i.e. you can breastfeed without being an ass to formula feeders, cloth diaper without tsk-tsking people in the Pampers aisle...") AMEN)


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