Monday, January 16, 2012


Playing in bags. How could this possibly go wrong?
Hannah's crib mobile plays Hush Little Baby. I used to sing it to her, or at least my own personal version of it, when she was a baby. I only knew the words up to the looking glass. Then I just did my own thing. Sometimes, throughout the course of the song, Mommy's gonna to buy her a birthday cake, or some ginger ale, or a bouncy ball. You know. I like to free style. Meanwhile, when she asked her Daddy, the meticulous researcher, to sing it, he looked it up and sang the actual words. This past month, Hannah started requesting the song more and more. Eventually, she recognized the discrepancies between Daddy's version and Mommy's. And she started correcting us and demanding a uniform presentation of the lullaby. So I stifled my creative side and started singing the real words.

The whole thing made me think that Cork and I make a good team. We each bring a little something different to the table. But in the end, it comes together. (Although, I have to point out, according to Hannah's version of the song, Mommy is the one doing all the buying. Because of course she is. Hannah is no fool. She knows her Mommy knows how to shop.)


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