Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just In Case

I'm always starting sentences to Cork with, "Just in case anything ever happens to me..." Not really because I'm paranoid or fatalistic or anything. Just because one day, back when Hannah was still in the ear infection age, I asked Cork to grab a dose of Tylenol for her. Of course, this was back when the Tylenol recall happened (did that ever actually stop happening? Or did I just embrace generics in a whole new way?), so we only had generic acetaminophen. But I call it Tylenol like I call tissue, Kleenex and copy machines, Xeroxes. (Infant pain relief and/or fever reducers are just a stupidly important part of my life. I have lots of names for them.) I heard him getting stressed out and frustrated and then he announced there was none. I said, what? no way! It is the pink bottle(s) with the dropper lid. "ALL I SEE IS ACETAMINOPHEN AND IBUPROFEN!" I thought to myself, oh Lord. This is bad. I tend to just take over certain roles, like health care and only putting lids on part-way, to the extent that everyone just assumes: That's Laura's work. So I realized, we needed to cross-train. I started beginning sentences with "Just in case..." and ending it with stuff like, "you never brush curly hair when it is dry, ONLY when it is wet." (And Cork started saying things like, if you hold the lid level and screw it slowly, it will actually go on ALL THE WAY.) So we are learning from each other. Then, this weekend, I was rinsing out and disinfecting the breast pump parts and for a split second, I almost turned to Cork to tell him that the weird residue that breast milk leaves comes off best with vinegar and water. Then I realized, if something happens to me, why would he be cleaning pump parts? And I realized, I must have finally run out of wisdom to impart to my husband. (ohmygosh, not really. that is just absurd. Don't worry, Hun. There is plenty more.)



  1. I feel like I'm always giving my husband instructions.. I have to stop myself! Can they really do everything we can? lol

  2. I hope not, because I like to think I'm just extra special awesome. Just kidding. I know what you mean! Except sometimes I think (know?) he could do stuff better than I do. I just couldn't imagine doing it without him. My hat is off to single parents, I can't even imagine.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! Since my husband has been deployed I've been taking care of Eva all by myself. He was home recently on R&R and I felt like I had to teach him how to do things the way I do them, because he felt like he didn't know how to do anything. Then after a few days he built up his confidence and was doing things his own way, and instead of me thinking, "No, that is not the right way because that's not how I do it!" I was thinking, "Holy crap, am I doing it wrong??" LOL! I don't think we give daddies enough credit, and I don't think they give themselves enough credit either. I really loved your "That's my husband" post because it's a good reminder that daddies sometimes have a way of doing things that we would have never even thought of, and they're even successful most of the time! (Mommies are still extra special awesome though!) :)