Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hugs, Kisses, and Deep Breaths

As I was researching my fantasy of finding some magical and lovely part-time job, or something along those lines, I ran across this: Make Smarter, Positive Resolutions.

It looks like I got my New Year's resolutions only half right. I decided I need to fix my "negative" no-yelling resolution by replacing it with a "positive" one instead. My replacement resolution: More hugs, kisses, and deep breaths. I like it.



  1. Hi Laura! I just clicked through from Nat the Fat Rat and I love your blog. It's so cute!

    I really like the idea of replacing the positive with the negative. It's such a better take on new year's resolutions.

    Stop by reverie. anytime!


  2. Thanks so much! Your blog and baby are adorable! And now I can't get the shimmery leggings out of my head:)