Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Bit Sick

Hannah got a little bug this weekend. Nothing major, just a little fever and lethargy sort of thing. But it made her extra cuddly. And I felt sort of guilty for enjoying the virus so much. {And then I said a quick prayer, thanking God that she is nothing like she was as a baby with a little (or big, or any sized) illness. Those things hurt my feelings.} After offering me consolation high fives instead of hugs recently, I am not gonna lie, this independent toddler stuff has been making me a little sad for the "up pease, Mommy" days. She felt mostly back to normal by today (but still cuddly. Bonus), so we celebrated with a trip to Target. Where she found a pinata horse, pulled it off the shelf, sat on it and said, "I want this." That kid. How did I get so lucky?


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