Monday, January 9, 2012

Extended Family

Not that long ago, my brother and sisters and I all lived in different states and opposite ends of the country. One at a time, we slowly trickled back to Texas though. And not just Texas, but Austin. And not just Austin, but the same small corner of Austin. And while I'm glad we all got out to explore our various ends of the country, I am so happy to have so much family so close. And more importantly, my girls are pretty darn happy about it too.

On a practical, "could you hold this child while I grab a shower" level, it is indescribably wonderful for me to have them so close. But more than that, the way my girls' faces light up when they see their aunts/uncle/grantparents, it means the world to me. The girls have extra arms to cuddle with, friends to play games with, and eyes to watch over and keep them safe. There is pretty much no adequate way to thank them (besides being a world's best aunt for their kids one day. Mom and Dad, I've got nothing on repaying you guys). All kids should be so lucky.

Now, if there was just some way to get all of my extended family in one tiny place.



  1. I'm jealous, ours aren't far (Dallas and Houston), but definitely not quick drop-in help distance. Though, we are going to the ER, please come and relieve the neighbor who came over to sleep in the house with the kid before they have to go to work still works...

    We have some second and third cousins in town though and even that is nice!

  2. Yikes-the ER scenario is one I've thought about a few times! Thank goodness for good neighbor/friends.