Sunday, January 1, 2012

Do You Know What That Sound Is?

"Those are the shrieking eels. If you don't believe me, just wait. They always grow louder when they're about to feed on human flesh!" -The Princess Bride
One year molars. They hurt my feelings. Maggie has been handling them better than Hannah did, but still. There is a lot of shrieking. It just makes me think of the eels in the Princess Bride and how I might be eaten alive soon. On the positive side, it has inspired me to make another New Year's Resolution. No more yelling. Usually, I'm yelling things like, "POOP! THERE IS POOP EVERY WHERE?! GOD HELP ME!" (In case you are picturing me following my girls around screaming obscenities at them. But still. It is bad. And I need to stop.) So Maggie, you have inspired me. I will try to make this a yell-free zone. If Maggie or Hannah want to join me in my efforts, awesome. We'll see...


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