Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Club

I'm reading Playful Parenting. For going on eight months or so. At least, that was how long ago I downloaded it and read the intro and realized that reading was a luxury reserved for people who peed alone or showered regularly. But I'm making time for reading again. And not just parenting books either. True story.
How tired do I look in that bottom right one? I blame you, Maggie.
So Playful Parenting. I really like it, but have the same complaint I have about most parenting books: oh my gosh make your point already. These books. It's like, wait for it, wait for it. Where was I? Oh right. I was about to not get to my point. Like you aren't telling some fascinating story, or giving some detailed history, you are giving parenting advice. (Think: sleep while they are sleeping. Did you see how many hundreds of pages it did NOT take me to say that??) If you are going to take hundreds of pages to do it, at least organize those pages logically. These books never feel very linear. It's just rambling narratives with a point somewhere if you look hard enough. Like somebody just sell me the magic decoder ring with the pages of value. Or better yet, make a parenting book FOR parents. Like the "for dummies" series. Only, people with no free time. Just give us a diagram, some pithy advice, and some bulleted supporting evidence. But the good thing about this book is, it doesn't have the doomsday/you will destroy your child if you don't do it our way vibe.

So speaking of getting to the point, I'm only a few chapters in, but I like the point he could have made by now but hasn't really yet. So far it is all about how the silly games you play with your kids are actually really meaningful and awesome. In a few years, when I finish it, I'll give you the full review.



  1. Good for you! The only books I'm reading these days are about cute fluffy animals or saying goodnight to things, so thanks for the review! In lieu of reading parenting books I've started DVRing SuperNanny - I can usually squeeze most of it in between repeatedly getting up to run after the baby who crawls every direction except towards me (no baby gate). I hope SuperNanny is not all hype or else Eva and I are in big trouble when it's Naughty Chair time.

  2. Good idea with the Super Nanny! I should do that too.

  3. She has 2.5 year olds doing time outs. SuperNanny is no joke!