Thursday, December 22, 2011

Somebody Dominated the Blocks This Morning

And it wasn't even me. Because we all know Mommy can build some pretty impressive towers. For real though. Maggie stacked three blocks in a row, like it was no big deal. I told her to slow down, save something for Harvard. Not really. I told her Harvard is a place you go to feel like nothing you ever do will ever be good enough. Or maybe you go there because you already feel that way? My point is, Mommy and Daddy would like it if you went somewhere a lot cheaper. There are some pretty amazing state schools, OK?

Speaking of my genius 10 month old, she has also got this waving thing down. She waves when you say, "hi," or "bye"; she also waves when you are coming and going; and finally, she has learned to associate waving with doors opening and closing. So if you are lucky, she'll smile and wave at you when you get something out of the fridge. My favorite waving story happened a few weeks ago when I was nursing her one morning and Hannah climbed into bed with us. Hannah said, "Hi Manny." And without even looking up or opening her eyes, Maggie held up her chubby little hand and waved at Hannah. Sometimes the cuteness around here is just more than I can stand.


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