Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Practicing Working Part Time and Baking

Maggie and Hannah tasting our work. Yes, Hannah is wearing her lion costume.

I got to try on my dream of working part time this Monday. The emergency room physician said to keep Maggie home because she might get worse before she gets better. I had to go in for a meeting Monday morning, but I've been home ever since. It is definitely a mixed blessing: I get to spend more time with my kids, but only because they are sick.

From The Country Cook via Pinterest
So Monday morning, I left Maggie with her dad for a couple hours. Then brought Hannah home from daycare after the meeting. It was actually a really lovely day, once I got over my feelings of abandoning my sick child (with her dad. For two hours. But still) for the sake of my career. Yeah, once I forgave myself for that. We had lunch and dinner together, naps, and lots of play time. We baked this really cool recipe we found on Pinterest. I even made it festive and Christmas-y all on my own.

In conclusion, I think Oreo pudding cake is excellent and part-time work suits me well.


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