Wednesday, December 14, 2011


One of the basic tenants of my parenting philosophy is that there are precious few things that can't be solved, or at least improved, by going outside. At the first sight of fussiness or impending tantrums, the outdoors is my go-to cure. I'm pretty sure I could be a better mom if I could just somehow incorporate more outdoors inside my house. (Or if I had a live-in hair and make up artist, chef, bartender, nanny. Yeah, or that.)


  1. I read your comment over at alphamom. Yeah, apparently the 1 in a thousand number that I thought I remembered is low and it's higher! But half of those are ectopic. Second ultrasound is tomorrow, but I'm amazed how quickly I've gotten used to the idea. But yes, three children in 19 months (and birthing four) seems pretty extreme to me!

  2. WEIRD, I was just on your blog about to comment when you wrote this! And I was like, West Austin? Me too! How crazy?!

  3. That's statistically improbable!

    And I'm a huge fan of the going outside. Even if it's just walking out the front door with a bottle of bubbles or opening the back door and encouraging running with the dogs, life gets better.

  4. Best wishes on your follow up tests!! I'll be thinking of you (and checking back in). What an amazing story. Just wow.