Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hannah Turned Two! {a while ago}

OK, so it happened in September. And this is December. But August and September were really stressful months, OK?

She is starting to get the hang of birthdays, and it is kind of awesome. These were some conversations we had:

Daddy: Hannah do you know what this Friday is?
Hannah: ummmm...Monday?
(she is also getting the hang of days of the week)
Daddy: No silly, it's your birthday!
Hannah: It's not my birthday! It's Monday!

Of course, every person's birthday we have celebrated since, has gone a little more like this:
Mommy: Did you know that today is Uncle Robert's birthday?
Hannah: It's not Uncle Robert's birthday! It's Hannah's birthday!


Mommy: Hannah, would you like a cupcake?
Hannah: Yes! It is Hannah's birthday! (begins singing) Happy birthday to Hannah. Happy birthday to Hannah. Happy birthday to Hannah..."
We took her to Sea World (where all the Sesame Street characters live, true story). She fed dolphins and hugged Elmo. For something she will be too young to remember, it was pretty unforgettable.

I can't believe it has been a full two years since I first held that sweet little girl of mine. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I felt like I needed to high five myself for pushing out a 9lb 2oz kiddo. And she has brought me nothing but pride and happiness since. That, and a few random viral infections and sleepless nights. But totally worth it. Two years ago (plus a few months, but who is keeping track?) my little Banana gave me the best gift anybody could ask for. She made me a mommy. I never realized how empty my arms felt until she came along. And words cannot express what an incredible blessing it has been.


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