Monday, December 5, 2011

Fevers and Snuggles

There has been a lot of sickness going around our house these day. Lately, my littlest munchkin is not doing so well. I saw Cork cleaning his keyboard today and thought, is it weird that his keyboard is probably cleaner than I am? I realize it is mostly my fault for not showering; this baby is sick, she isn't glued to me. But she freaks out when I put her down or leave the room (depending on how long of a leash she is willing to give me at that moment) and I have a higher tolerance for my own dirtiness than her upsetness. Once upon a time the combination of high baby fevers, low mommy sleep, and overall dirtiness, chaos and dwindling paid leave from work would have stressed me out. And I won't lie, it doesn't really make me a better, nicer or cleaner person.  But if those are my biggest problems: a baby who wants to be held and some temporary inconveniences? Then I'll take it. I'll freaking stand in line for it. My family, aside from a few stomach and upper respiratory bugs, is healthy. And that has never meant more to me in my life.

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