Monday, December 12, 2011

Family Moment

I think the tradition first started when it was just the three of us-- Cork, me and the puppy. Anytime I'd give Cork a hug, Junebug would run over and try to jump into the mix. And Cork would say, "oh, family moment."  Now there are five of us, including the dog (who ranks only slightly above the Roomba some days, bless her heart). And we still have group hugs where Cork will announce, "family moment!" and sometimes the dog will still try to jump in. Only now, sometimes Hannah will call for one. And it is the cutest thing ever. We might all be sitting on the floor, or playing under a fort and Hannah will say, "My love you, Mommy. My love you, Daddy." Hugging each of us in turn. And then she will say, "Family moment," and that is our cue for a big family hug. Sometimes I feel like that kid just wakes up every morning even cuter than the day before. 

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