Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear {mall} Santa, You Are Kinda Creepy

Christmas-y and  not too creepy. I like it.

My children will not be getting a picture taken with Santa Claus. Because Santa Claus. Creeps me out. Not the cartoon Santa Claus. Or the idea of Santa Claus. But the real life, in person, at the mall Santa Claus.

I mean, um, when else in life would I pass my small children over to some totally random old dude who spends a suspiciously disproportionate amount of time around small children (uh? Red flag)? Think about it. I'm not saying every mall Santa is a creepster (I'm sure your good friend, the seasonal mall Santa is on the up-and-up...) I'm just saying, you're probably not talking, needle-in-a-haystack kinda odds here. And what kind of message would I be sending my kids? That they shouldn't be creeped out by random/child-seeking hairy old men? Because, uh, heck yeah, they totally should. Gross. And have you ever seen a picture of a small child with Santa? They know what I'm talking about. The vast majority of them? They are not impressed.

It is a totally personal thing. So I definitely don't judge parents who get the Santa pictures (ie, almost everyone I know). They are getting holiday photos, it isn't like they are not vaccinating their kids properly (I judge that one, because heck yeah I do).

I'm just saying, I think Santa Claus is kinda weird and gross. There. I said it.


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