Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving and Diaper Wipes

The best thing about babies is the holidays. I realized I needed to have some babies ASAP  when Christmas time started getting a little lame. It was a bunch of 20 something grown adults sleeping in (a party foul among the cuter, kiddo crowd that we were lacking) and opening gifts they could have bought themselves but didn’t as a courtesy to the gift buyer, or something weird and unfestive.

Even Halloween, which I was never that into as a kid, is suddenly the best idea ever. I mean, candy corn and pumpkin patches and family-themed costumes? What is not to love?

While I’m pretty darned excited about Christmas with two kids this year (obviously), I've even got a renewed appreciation for Thanksgiving (less obviously, given the comparative lack of dressing up/decorating/gift giving options). It isn't that kids are awesome at giving thanks (for your awesome parenting, natch). It is more like, in their own special way, I think they have all sorts of gratitude that adults have lost touch with. I realized this the other day when Maggie was awake at some ungodly hour and had no desire to go back to bed. Rather than letting her continue to play in bed in a soggy diaper, I took her to the living room to change her and encourage her to become exhausted and go back to bed. Once she was all fresh and clean, I let her do her middle-of-the-night baby thing until she was ready for bed again (luckily, when this happens, it doesn’t take long). All of the sudden, I hear her laughing that amazing belly laugh she has. I look back, and she is surrounded by diaper wipes. Pulling them out, clapping them together, throwing them in the air. Unfettered access to the diaper wipes box was like Christmas morning in moist towelette  form for that kid. I loved it so much, I couldn’t take the box away (I just shoved the wipes back in the box when she was done, lest you worry about my wastefulness). Sometimes you need little kids to remind you of how much you have to be thankful for. From boxes that magically dispense wipes, to giggles and kisses and everything in between.

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