Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pajama Day

The signs all over Hannah’s preschool reminded us that tomorrow is pajama day. I assume they mean pajamas, as in the cute little snuggly outfits you can buy at Gap, rather than what my child actually sleeps in at night.

Last night, she went to bed dressed as a lady bug. The night before, she was wearing her red, floral, tulle-lined dress from our last family photo shoot. The night before that, a diaper and Mommy’s beige wedge sandals. There are only so many choices you are allowed make as a toddler. We constantly shoot her down when she wants to get out of the car while it is moving; we never let her have any fun after bedtime; we force her to do crazy things like wash her hair every once and a while. So when it comes to getting dressed, we try to give her as much freedom as possible. Even though I fully intend to revoke that freedom completely once she gets to middle school.

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