Friday, October 7, 2011

Nice Things

I think every parent has those moments where all you seem to be able to think about are the nice things you can't do anymore: sleep through the night; go to a fancy restaurant at a moments notice; or book a flight to a favorite city. Then, the not-so-nice things you can't even do start to weigh on you: change a diaper without your baby rolling away and trying to crawl off; make a meal that isn't deeply offensive to your toddler because of the color of the cup, size of the plate or portion of vegetables; hold a baby while opening a bottle of ibuprofen and measuring a proper dose. These are probably the reason there are always studies coming out about how unhappy parents are.

The weird thing is, I'm not even close to immune to those sort of moments, yet I am constantly struck by the fact that I have never been happier. Especially lately. Part of that is, we had a rough couple of months that made me hug my family a little tighter and cherish our time together a little bit more. Another part of it just might be, when you don't have time for a decent shower or fancy dinner, you also don't have time to throw yourself a very substantial pity party. And while the little annoying things can weigh on you, the little adorable and lovely and miraculous things are usually right there next to them. You just have to take a deep breath and notice them. How else would I ever get a chance to laugh at Maggie's fat little bottom, if she didn't plot her escape from every diaper change? And how would I know that Hannah can do a remarkable baby dinosaur impression, if she didn't get so upset when presented with a green mommy cup instead of a green Hannah cup?   

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