Monday, August 1, 2011

My Love My Baby

It is super hot. So we are just hanging out in our diapers around here. Dreaming about fall. Sharing our favorite memories of cooler weather.
Seriously though, the highs this week are all above 106. That is way too hot. I'm afraid I'm going to melt one of my babies.

This afternoon, as we were loading babies in the car and I was being vigilant for any signs of melting, Hannah picked up her giraffe lovey (she named, "baby").

"My love my baby!" she said sweetly and gave it a big hug and a kiss.

"That is so sweet, Hannah! Who else do you love? Do you love your Mommy?"

"No, my baaaaaaaaby. My love my baaby."

I'm not sure if she was enunciating because she thought I misunderstood her (there are lots of, what? say that again? huh? one more time?) or if she wanted to emphasize that she just really loves her baby. Oh well. One day.

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