Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Little Curls

When I ask Hannah what color her hair is, she says "black!" and I immediately think of that scene in The Jerk ("I was born a poor black child"). My guess is that she just assumes she looks like her mommy and her Aunt Sarah (Ra Ra).
Playtime Curls

While most people wouldn't pick Hannah out from across a room and say, "That one! She must be yours! You look so much alike." I know she is mine. Blond curly hair and all. And I love those sweet, little curls.

Bathtime Curls

I like to imagine what Miss Hannah will look like when she is older. Will her hair still be blond? Will her curls still be delicate little ringlets? Will she ever look a little more like me? Or will she always be a little girl version of her daddy?

Upside Down Curls

I'm pretty sure her hair will darken. Just like her Daddy's and her Uncle Robert's did. But even if it doesn't. Even if people would never pick us out as a matching pair. It will always make me happy to see her Daddy when I look at her. (But whatever happens, I'm hoping that she keeps those sweet, little curls.)

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